How Do You Treat High Windows?

High windows are wonderful as they supply extra light, warmth, and visual interest. But without the right window treatments, high windows can be cold, stark, and poorly functioning. However, finding and hanging coverings on high replacement windows in Costa Mesa, CA can be tricky.

Do you have high windows in your home? These high replacement window tips are here to help:

  1. Try Motorization – Your high windows might be hard to get to, which means it will be tough to adjust your window treatments. That’s why motorized window treatments are a great option for high windows. With motorized window treatments, you can open and close the treatments with a remote control, app, or button so you don’t have to worry about finding a way to reach high windows. You can even choose automated window coverings that open and close on schedules throughout the day.
  2. Play with Different Window Coverings – Curtains aren’t the only window treatment that work well with high windows. Consider window treatments like shutters, blinds, or shades for a more modern or more functional space.
  3. Think About What Type of Covering You Want – Each type of window covering will provide a different function for your high windows. For example, shades and curtains are great for color, softness, and style, while shutters and blinds are more suited for privacy and sun protection. If you want privacy or shade from the sun, you’ll need window treatments that over the glass. If you just want treatments for style, you can choose airy, less functional options like curtains or drapes.
  4. Consider a Few Key Details – One of the most important parts of choosing and hanging treatments for your high windows is considering why you want them and how you’ll use them. Ask yourself questions like, “Do these windows need glass coverage for privacy or sun protection?” “Do I need opaque window coverings?” “Will I want to adjust how the window coverings are positioned throughout the day or leave them in one position?” “What is the size and shape of my high windows?” “Can I reach any part of the window myself?”
  5. Think About Hardware – With window treatments for high windows, you need to choose the right hardware. Curtain rods, hooks, pulls, and other hardware are very important as the wrong size will look weird and the wrong type won’t function properly. For example, if you choose a too-small curtain rod, the window will make it seem even smaller and the room will feel imbalanced. high replacement windows in Costa Mesa CA 1
  6. Combine Window Treatments – Perhaps you only need to see out of the top of your high windows, or you only want coverage for the bottom where people can see in through. In cases like this, you can combine window treatments. For example, try shutters for the bottom portion of the window only and hang curtains for the length of the window.

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