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replacement windows for Costa Mesa, CA

Single-Hung Vs. Double-Hung Replacement Windows

The best place to start your research for new replacement windows is to learn the differences between single-hung and double-hung. After all, the most common types of replacement windows for Costa Mesa, CA homes are single-hung and double-hung windows. How do these two types of replacement windows compare to one another? Design – Sometimes called […]

replacement windows in your contemporary Orange County, CA

Contemporary Window Treatments

Contemporary design is all about clean lines, simplicity, and, most of all, ease of living. Contemporary designed homes feature minimalist decorations with lots of open spaces, muted colors, and natural materials. Colors such as shades of blues or purples also work well in contemporary design styles. These types of homes also feature lots of natural […]

replacement windows in your Orange County, CA

Dressing Multiple Windows in the Same Room

If you have rooms with multiple replacement windows in your Orange County, CA home, you’ve got a great opportunity to really showcase window treatments, from curtains and blinds to shades and more. When you have more than one window in a room, the window treatments have a big impact on the overall space. But how […]

How Do You Treat High Windows?

High windows are wonderful as they supply extra light, warmth, and visual interest. But without the right window treatments, high windows can be cold, stark, and poorly functioning. However, finding and hanging coverings on high replacement windows in Costa Mesa, CA can be tricky. Do you have high windows in your home? These high replacement […]

replacement windows in your Tustin, CA

Window Treatments for a Nursery

Are you expecting? There are so many things to think about when decorating a nursery, but you can’t forget the window coverings as they are key to style, safety, and longevity for the replacement windows in your Tustin, CA nursery. You’ll want to purchase items that look good, keep your little one safe, and grow […]

replacement windows on your Orange County, CA

Tips for Clearing Out Your Garage

Just like you need to update the replacement windows on your Orange County, CA home, you also need to give your garage some TLC every once in a while. For most people, garages are the home’s catchall for storage, hobbies, projects, recreational equipment, junk, and lots of dead leave, car debris, and other dust and […]

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