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Updating Your Home for a Graduation Party

While graduation parties were pretty much off the table in 2020, they’re back and better than ever in 2021! Whether you’re celebrating a recent graduate, planning a delayed event for a 2020 graduate, or getting a jump start on planning something for 2022, now’s the time to make sure your graduate’s party is truly awesome. Here are tips for planning an awesome graduation party, including updating your house by adding some new replacement windows to your Orange County, CA home:

Update Your Home – If you’re hosting a graduation party at your home, you need to make sure your home is up to snuff. Be sure to spend some time making updates to your home, like adding replacement windows. New windows are simple ways to add more light, fresh air, comfort, and convenience to your home. Plus, sparkling new windows will look great in all your graduation party photos. Beyond adding new windows, you can also refresh your home with some new window treatments like window shutters.

Set the Date – If 2020 taught us anything, it’s hard to know for sure if plans will work out. But it doesn’t hurt to make them anyway. Therefore, it’s a great idea to book a date for your graduation party as soon as you can. This is especially true since most event centers, venues, and vendors are getting booked up fast because of current parties and delayed events. That being said, once you choose a date, start booking vendors as soon as you can.

Make Personalized Decorations – The most special thing about your graduation party is your graduate, so use that to inspire personalized decorations. Use this as a chance to show off all they accomplished in school, be it sports, arts, education, or whatever else they love. You can also throw in some baby pictures for a fun and adorable touch.

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Rent or Borrow Chairs – If you’re hosting the party at your home, you’re going to need lots and lots of extra chairs and tables. After all, people need places to sit down, eat, relax, and chat. It’s best to look into local rental companies so you can get all the furniture you need in one place. However, if you’re working on a budget, you can also try and borrow additional chairs and tables from friends, family, or neighbors.

Get a Caterer – Feeding a large group of people is not easy. While its technically possible for you to make all the food for your graduation party, it would be much, much easier to get catering. You can hire a catering company to do the food, or you can find a local restaurant that does catering for events. Plus, if you hire someone to make and serve the food, you can focus on enjoying the party.

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