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Preparing Your Home for a Window Installation

Why Preparing Your Home for Retrofit Windows Installation Matters

When you’ve decided to upgrade your home with window replacement in Orange, CA, the preparation process is just as crucial as the installation itself. Preparing your home adequately ensures a smoother, more efficient installation process and protects your property from potential damage. Here’s how you can ready your home for a retrofit windows installation.


1. Clear the Work Area

Ensure that the area around your windows, both inside and outside your home, is clear. Move furniture, decorations, and other objects that could obstruct the installation process or get damaged during the work. Remember to provide enough space for the installers to move around freely.


2. Protect Your Belongings

While professional installers will take utmost care during the process, dust and debris are inevitable during a window installation. Protect your belongings by covering furniture, electronics, and other items with dust sheets.


3. Remove Window Treatments

Take down any window treatments like curtains, blinds, or drapes. Don’t forget to remove any hardware associated with these treatments, such as brackets or tiebacks, as they could get in the way.


4. Deactivate Alarms and Sensors

If you have any window sensors or alarms attached to your windows, make sure to deactivate and remove them before the installation begins. You should also inform your security company about the window replacement to avoid any false alarms.


5. Provide Easy Access

Make sure the installers have easy access to the work areas. This could involve unlocking gates, securing pets in another room, or moving vehicles from the driveway. These steps will ensure the installers can move equipment and new windows safely and efficiently.


6. Discuss Installation Plans with Neighbors

If your property is in close proximity to your neighbors, let them know about the upcoming installation. This courteous step will allow them to prepare for any noise and possible inconvenience during the installation process.


Post-Installation Clean-up

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Once your retrofit windows have been installed, you’ll need to clean the work areas. Most professional window companies will clean up after themselves, but it’s always good to be prepared for a little bit of clean-up afterward.


Choose Cunningham Doors & Windows for Your Retrofit Windows Installation

At Cunningham Doors & Windows, we aim to make your retrofit windows installation as seamless and stress-free as possible. Our expert team guides you through the process, ensuring you’re fully prepared for the installation.


Upgrade your home with retrofit windows today and experience the difference in comfort, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. Visit us at 1940 E Edinger Ave, Santa Ana, CA, or call us at (714) 258-2500 to schedule a consultation. Trust the experts at Cunningham Doors & Windows and rest easy knowing your home is in capable hands.

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