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replacement windows on your Tustin, CA

Fresh Replacement Window Ideas

Want to transform your home? Start with your windows! The replacement windows on your Tustin, CA home have a big impact on your home’s overall look, feel, and function. Updating or refreshing your windows will have a significant impact on your home’s curb appeal and interior, from more natural light and improved energy efficiency to more style.

Here are some ways to update your replacement windows:

  • Find Balance – Your windows help you see out and let the outside world in. As such, you need to balance all window updates inside and outside your home. For example, think about how adding new replacement windows will bring in more natural light but also allow you a better view of your backyard. Also, make sure your window ideas will blend with the rest of your home. When you replace a room full of windows, consider the balance they have on the rest of the house.
  • Match Old and New – Whether you’re replacing some windows or getting new treatments for some windows, you need to be sure that any changes will still match your old windows, treatments, and décor. Will your new windows match your old ones? Will your new shades blend with the old curtains?
  • Try New Frames – Think of your windows as art, and the frames as the frames surrounding, protecting, and accentuating that art. Your window frames can frame a beautiful landscape or help camouflage an unsightly thing. If you have a beautiful yard that brings you joy, expand your windows! If you’d rather not see what’s out there, try block windows or shades to cover up what’s out there.
  • Consider Your Curtains – Some window treatments are just decoration and others are highly functional, such as those that increase privacy or reduce light pollution during the day. From shutters and shades to blinds, drapes, and more, remember to consider how your window treatments look from the outside as well as from the inside.
  • Plant for Privacy – Why not add some color and privacy to your windows with window boxes? Window boxes not only dress up your home’s exterior but can also be planted to provide privacy and color for the inside of your home. Don’t want to install window boxes? Place potted plants on your window sills to get the same effect without the extra work. replacement windows on your Tustin CA 1 225x300
  • Expand Your View – Think beyond the standard dimensions for your windows. Do you have space to add transoms above, sidelites on either side, or even just install a larger window? The effect makes an impressive formal statement inside and out.
  • Play with Color – Made your windows more modern by ordering them in or painting them fresh, fun colors. You can also try painting the outside frames one color and the inside a different shade for more contrast or to match your walls and décor.
  • Update the Accessories – Are your window cranks or locks really old? Replace them with fresh, new models to give the entire window a more modern, updated feel.

We are here to help if you want more tips on Tustin, CA replacement windows. Call or visit us today!