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Window Treatments for Your Dining Room

Are you looking for treatments for the replacement windows in your Costa Mesa, CA dining room? Window treatments come in every shape, size, length, color, fabric, texture, and style, making choosing just one for your dining room a complex challenge. However, it can also be fun! Where should you begin? Here are some common window treatments and how they might complement your dining room:

  • Drapes – Drapes are classic window treatments that offer timeless elegance for dining rooms. There are hundreds of ways you can incorporate modern color and fabric trends into dining room drapes as they come in a variety of color choices, fabrics, linings, pleat styles, and custom lengths. You can custom order drapes for your windows, as drapes that are too long or too short look off and can be distracting.
  • Shutters – Another excellent choice for dining rooms, shutters add traditional flair and tons of function. They’re commonly made from wood or composites for durability and can be easily customized in terms of shape, size, and color to fit your dining room. Shutters are suitable for anywhere in the home, but their durability, style, and versatility make them the perfect choice for the dining room.
  • Shades – Shades come in almost every shape, color, texture, and size, making it easy to find shades that match your dining room’s style. They’re also easily controlled by cords, cordless lifts, or motorization so you can quickly change the lighting in your dining space as needed. Some of the most common types of shades used in dining rooms are roller and bamboo. Roller shades are ideal for dining rooms as they combine both style and function with a minimalist vibe, while bamboo shades give a bohemian, natural air to the space while helping with energy efficiency and light control. No matter which shade you choose, you also have the option to pair them with drapes or valences for added style.
  • Blinds – For function and minimalist style, you can’t go wrong with blinds. Blinds, especially those made from materials like wood and fabric, are beautiful on their own. When combined with touches like wood floors, natural tables, and other dining room pieces, they’re super stunning. Plus, blinds are great for increasing energy efficiency, blocking out hot sunlight, and keeping your dining space private. Try custom blinds to perfectly match your windows and style.
  • Valances – Similar to drapes, valances are hanging fabric window treatments. Unlike drapes, valances are kept at the tops of windows solely for style and not function. By pairing valances with drapes or shades, you can create an elegant and unique window treatment. As valances are traditionally more formal, they are great for making an elegant and sophisticated space that much more elevated.

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Your dining room window treatments impact the rooms style, mood, and lighting and they help show off your personal style. We are here to help if you need some assistance choosing the right treatments for your Costa Mesa, CA replacement windows. If you’d like to learn more about windows and window treatments, just call or visit us today!

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