Safety Tips for Replacement Windows in Huntington Beach, CA

When you are planning replacement windows for your home, it is common to look at two things: style and energy efficiency. But, don’t overlook the safety features that can be included in your window upgrades. These products can be used to improve the quality of your Huntington Beach, CA home in many ways.

Prevent Injury

Replacement windows can help with injury prevention in several ways. First, you can avoid the danger of an old window that could come crashing down. If an old window is open, then it could potentially fall on someone below unexpectedly.

Minor injuries could include crushed or bruised fingers. In serious situations, a heavy window could cause a fatal injury to a child or a pet. Old windows should be upgraded to avoid these potential issues in your home.

Avoid Falls from the Windows

Another thing to consider is the risk of falling if a child can reach the window. Good locks and security features can be used to keep the windows locked down and reduce the risk of falling. Make sure to position the furniture in the room away from the window so that a child can’t climb the furniture and go through the window.

Also, consider the reach of the child regarding the drapes, cords, and blinds. These seemingly harmless window coverings could cause injury if a child gets caught in the fabric or cords.

Protect Your Home from Burglary

Modern locking features will keep your home secure and reduce the risk of burglary. Intruders are looking for easy entry points, such as old windows and doors with broken locks. So, new windows could deter theft because of the difficulty in getting through the locks.

Window Access for Emergencies

Remember that the windows can be exit points to get out of the home in case of an emergency. If there is a fire inside and someone is trapped in a room, then the window might be their only option to escape. Never nail or paint the window frames closed permanently. If you can’t open the window, then it could eliminate escape options in an emergency.

You might put soft materials under the windows to break your fall in this situation. Wood chips and bushes can soften the landing if you need to escape through the window because of a house fire.

What Types of Windows Do You Need?

When you are talking to our team, we will discuss the various types of windows that are available for your home. Our goal is to customize your order to create the perfect design that will match the needs of your family.

Here at Cunningham Doors & Windows, we are working hard to provide the best products in the industry. If you need replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA or the surrounding areas, then we invite you to talk to us for more information. We have a showroom that you can see at 1940 E Edinger Ave Santa Ana, CA 92705. Or, call to schedule a free consultation in your home: (714) 258-2500

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