How Much Will Replacement Windows and Doors Help with Energy Efficiency in Irvine, CA?

Are you one of the informed residents in Irvine, CA who is learning more about the effects of climate change? Awareness is growing as more people learn about how their daily choices impact the environment. With millions of people in the state of California, it is essential that we all do our part to protect our beautiful planet. How are your daily decisions contributing to climate change?

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, one solution is to install replacement windows and doors in Irvine, CA. How will this upgrade help? Here is an explanation of the benefits of high-quality doors and windows:


Old Windows and Doors are Drafty

Whether it is a hot or cold day outside, you should be able to maintain a comfortable temperature inside without running up an unreasonable utility bill. However, old doors and windows can cause problems with this effort because of the drafty air that leaks through the window panes and around the frames.

As these drafts come into your home, the HVAC system kicks on more frequently throughout the day. When you are running the air conditioner, the drafty hot air seeping in from the outside can negate the effects of the air conditioner. Since the thermostat is always measuring the room temperature, it will constantly send the message for the air conditioner to turn on again and again.

These drafty areas of your home may cause over-use of the air conditioner which leads to high energy consumption. Not only will you be paying high utility bills, but your energy usage will have a bigger impact on the environment.


Testing the Quality of Your Doors and Windows

There are a few basic tests that you can complete to determine the quality of your windows and doors. For example, walk around the perimeter of each room while staying aware of the temperature. Do you notice that the temperature changes when you are standing close to a window or door? If so, it is likely that you are dealing with poorly sealed windows and doors that may need to be replaced. Sometimes, you can put your hand in front of the drafty area and feel the air moving into your home.

Another similar “test” needs to be done in the middle of the day. When the sun is shining brightly outside, turn off the lights inside and close the curtains. Open the blinds one at a time to inspect the edges of your window or door frame. Can you see the light coming in through any small cracks? These are areas where air could also be coming inside.

Sometimes, weather stripping or caulking can be used to seal the drafty areas. Other times, it is best to invest in replacement windows and doors. You can bring in a window expert to complete a thorough inspection so that you can decide the proper timing for your window replacement.

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