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Wood And Vinyl Replacement Windows And Doors

The two most popular choices for both replacement windows and doors in Orange County, CA these days are vinyl and wood. Both of these quality materials offer a range of benefits, so which one is best for your home?   

When choosing between wood and vinyl for your home, think about price, strength, durability, appearance, efficiency and maintenance.   

Vinyl Windows and Doors  

Vinyl windows and doors are made from PVC, a rigid synthetic plastic that is ideal for window and door use as its hard, strong and highly insulating. One of the best things about PVC, and therefore vinyl, is that it requires little to no maintenance. Vinyl doors and windows never need to be repainted, resealed or sanded. In fact, vinyl doors and windows only need a quick cleaning with soap and water to stay beautiful and functional.  

Vinyl is a great choice for severe climates as humidity, heat or cold won’t warp or rot the frames. Vinyl frames are excellent for insulation as PVC has low heat and cold transference rates.   

Vinyl is also a great choice for windows and doors as they are available in an almost unlimited number of colors, shapes and sizes to give you exact look you want for your home. Vinyl products are also generally about 25% cheaper than wood as they are synthetic and easily made.   

Wood Windows and Doors   

Wood windows and doors are generally made from pine or Douglass fir woods, as these are strong and beautiful. Wood products are the most traditional and visually appealing choice wood has been used for doors and windows for centuries. You can easily paint or stain wood doors and windows to match your home design, or leave them natural for a classic look. However, wood does require a lot of upkeep as its always in danger of rotting, warping or cracking. You need to reseal and repaint your wood windows and doors often to keep them functioning and appealing.   

Wood windows and doors might not be the best choice for very wet or humid climates as extreme moisture is bad for wood. However, wood holds up extremely well under harsh temperatures. Wood is a natural insulator, and doesn’t transfer heat to cold at all. Wood windows and doors are also highly energy efficient, and can help keep your energy usage down.   

Do keep in mind that wood often comes with a hefty price tag. Natural materials and difficult construction makes wood products less easily mass produced, and therefore more expensive.   

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So which one should you choose?   

It really depends on what’s important to you. If you need to save money, vinyl windows and doors are the way to go. If you’re looking to invest in long-term beauty, choose wood windows and doors. Think about your style preferences, budget, and energy usage, but also keep in mind that there really is no right or wrong answer as both vinyl and wood are quality materials.   

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