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Window Coverings For Unique Replacement Windows

Unique windows make your home stand out with stylish flair, not only upping your curb appeal but also potentially increasing your house’s value. However, many homeowners are turned off from uniquely shaped replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA because of potential difficulties dressing them. They wouldn’t be with the help of the following information.

There are a lot of unusual replacement window shapes out there, but some popular ones include awning, bay, bow, casement, side, picture, sidelight, and angled. Read on to learn about how to dress them appropriately.

  • Awning – Awning replacement windows are hinged at the top, making them ideal for tilting open for extra ventilation. In fact, awning windows can even be left open in the rain without letting water in the house. Awning replacement windows look great with outside mounted window treatments and shades.
  • Sidelight – Sidelight replacement windows are tiny, and are often used to frame a door to let in extra light. Most people do not put any window treatment on a sidelight as they are so small, but any shades under 12” can work if desired.
  • Bay – Bay windows project out past the home’s exterior wall to create a nook or alcove inside the house. These windows have glass on all three sides of the nook, and look best with outside mounted shades. However, inside mounted shades with smaller headrails, like cellular and pleated shades, could also work.
  • Angled – Like bay and bow windows, angled windows project out of the home’s wall, however the angle is sharper. The best way to treat an angled window is with inside mounted shades or draperies that cover the entire front.
  • Bow – Bow replacement windows are just like bay, except they are curved. Bow windows also are usually made out of four or more windows for a wider outdoor view. They add extra space to the room by extending out past the wall. Bow windows match well with outside mounted shades or draperies.
  • Casement – Casement replacement windows open like small doors, by swinging out or in depending on the design. The hinges are on either side, and are opened with a lever or crank. Shutters are not recommended for casement windows. Instead, high-raise shades work best.
  • Picture – Picture windows do not open, and therefore have no mechanisms or controls that obscure the view. Vertical blinds and any kind of fabric shades work best with picture windows to preserve the view.
  • Side Slider – These replacement windows work just like common double hung models, except they are opened horizontally rather than vertically. Both sashes move left or right to open or close the window. Virtually any window treatment works with side slider replacement windows.

No matter which of these unusual window shapes you choose, you can count on Cunningham Doors & Windows for expert Huntington Beach, CA replacement window services. Please visit us at 1940 E Edinger Ave Santa Ana, CA 92705, or call today at (714) 258-2500.

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