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Window Coverings for Cabins

Summer houses, lake houses, and cabins are all about bringing you closer to nature and giving you a break from the stressors of your everyday life. Cabin style is generally quite cozy from wood, warm furnishings, and natural light. But no cabin is complete without the right treatments for your Costa Mesa, CA replacement windows.

Whether you’re buying and furnishing a new cabin or updating your existing one, here are ideas for choosing window treatments that balance privacy, light control, and style.

  • Shades – Shades, especially those made from natural materials, are perfect for lake houses and cabins. Woven shades, like those made from bamboo, are eco-friendly and let in soft, filtered light. Wood woven shades fold beautifully and pair well with wood accents like wood floors, furniture, and replacement windows. Fabric Roman shades are also great for lake houses as they add a nice textural element to the space. When shopping for shades, be sure to consider privacy and light control.
  • Blinds – Blinds, like wood blinds, are elegant and wonderfully suited to cabins. They come in an array of paints and finishes to match existing or planned décor, including rustic natural wood finishes. Blinds are great if you want different levels of light control during the day as you can tilt the slats as needed. Cordless blinds are also available, safest for families with pets or small children.
  • Shutters – When it comes to cabins, shutters are about as traditional as it gets. Shutters come in many different colors and finishes to match décor. Plus, they are very energy efficient to help you save money on heating and cooling your cabin. Shutters also come in different sizes and styles, like bi-fold shutters for large windows. When shopping for shutters for a cabin or lake house, be sure to take louver size into consideration as the louvres give you light control. When you close the louvers, you get excellent privacy and light blocking, and when you’re ready for panoramic views, open those shutters wide and let the sunshine through.
  • Drapes and Curtains – Drapes and curtains are great for adding texture and a breezy air to your cabin or lake house, especially if you choose long curtains that hang down to the floor. Neutral colors like green, beige, and white will help keep the long fabric from overpowering the rest of your décor. Consider pairing curtains with shades or blinds to get the look of the flowing fabric and the light control and privacy of the shades. Cellular shades are great because they stack tightly and are barely visible when raised.

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Cabins, lake houses, and other vacation homes naturally have a rustic aesthetic that you can enhance with your window treatments. Every type of window treatment you can think of, from shades to shutters, can fit into cabin decor when it’s the right color and material.

Do you want more tips on choosing window treatments for your cabin or more information on replacement windows in Costa Mesa, CA? We are here to help. Call or visit us today to learn more.


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