Window and Door Safety Tips for Homeowners in Orange County, CA

When was the last time you assessed the safety of your Orange County, CA property? As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are creating a haven for your family and friends. Even if you feel like your home is safe, there might be hidden dangers lurking around the corner. The truth is that replacement windows and doors could potentially save lives in an emergency situation.

Here are a few tips that need to be considered to boost the safety of your property:

Ventilation without the Danger of Falling

Nice weather can be a great reason to open the windows. But, it is possible that young children could fall through the open windows and get hurt. Choose double hung windows so that you have the option to open the top sash. This feature allows you to enjoy the breeze without creating a dangerous situation for your children.

Windows that are Easy to Open

If you are trapped in a room because of a fire, do you have an option for escape? Make sure that quality windows are installed so that you can open the windows to move outside. In an emergency situation, you don’t always have the option to leave home through the doors. So, windows provide a backup solution for a safe exit.

Do you have old windows that are painted or nailed shut? Outdated windows might also be difficult to open due to warped frames. When these problems are present in your home, it is essential to replace the windows as soon as possible.

Minimizing the Risk of Window Coverings

In addition to the windows and doors, you also need to consider the quality of window coverings that are installed inside. Certain features can be dangerous to young children or pets. Hanging cords or cables for the blinds could cause a child to get caught if they are playing near the windows. These accidents are easy to avoid by choosing cord-free window treatments, such as shutters.

Also, consider the placement of furniture in the room. Keep furniture items away from the windows to prevent the risk of children climbing on the furniture, and then falling through the windows or getting caught in the blinds.

Protecting Against Burglary

It isn’t likely that someone will break into your home. But, if a thief is in the area, they are usually looking for easy entry points. Quality doors and windows protect your family by reducing the risk that your home will be targeted. If the unwanted intruder sees that you have quality windows with the latest locking features, then it’s possible that the intruder will move on to another target.

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