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Using Shutters on Doors

Many homeowners use shutters on the replacement windows on their Irvine, CA home. And why wouldn’t they? Shutters are an excellent choice for any home, offering style, energy efficiency, convenience, and high function. But did you ever think that you would use window shutters on doors?


You can! Shutters are a great option for almost any door in your home, especially since they can easily be custom-made and fitted to a wide range of door types. From French doors and sliding doors to narrow door windows, there are tons of ways you can incorporate shutters into your home’s door design.


Why would you want to use shutters on doors and windows? Good question. The answer is that having shutters on your windows and doors gives your home a stylish, cohesive flair that seamlessly blends each room and style for one chic look.


Here is a small portion of some of the applications of window shutters for doors:

  • Sliding Glass Doors – You can definitely order custom shutters for a sliding glass door. Shutters work very well on sliding glass doors because they offer a much more stylish alternative to old fashioned and clunky vertical blinds. They’re usually mounted to fit as bypass shutter units, meaning the various parts of the shutter can be moved back and forth along a track. However, you can also install shutters on a sliding glass door in a bifold arrangement in which the units are mounted on a hinge and move across a single track.replacement windows in Irvine CA 300x196
  • Narrow Door Windows – Lots of entry doors, whether they’re front or side doors, have tall, narrow windows on either side. Shutters are a superb choice for covering these windows. They can be installed on the windows by your door just like they would be installed on any other window. Once mounted, shutters by an entry door allow you to move the louvres up and down to let in more or less light as you desire. They also make it easy for you to get in natural light without having to worry about losing privacy.
  • French Doors – Window shutters work very well on any kind of French door that has large glass windows. Shutters are generally mounted to French doors directly over the glass to eliminate the banging sound that commonly comes with having blinds on French doors. Also, shutters won’t get caught in the door, unlike curtains. And shutter also offer benefits in function, too. For example, shutter louvres can be adjusted to let in different amounts of light as needed. Have French doors with uniquely shaped windows? No worries! Just order custom shutters.


Cunningham Doors & Windows is here to help if you want to learn more about using shutters on doors or about Irvine, CA replacement windows in general. We have years of experience in the window industry and would be more than happy to put our experience to good use making your home the best it can be. Stop by and visit our showroom or give us a call today for more information.

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