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Update Your Back Porch

Ready to elevate your back porch? From adding new replacement windows to your Orange County, CA home or creating a comfortable, chic sitting space, here are great ideas to elevate your back porch:

  1. Plants – Define and elevate your outdoor space with potted or hanging plants. Sure, your porch is already outside, but added greenery will only make it that much more lovely, stylish, and relaxing. If you don’t have a green thumb, try easy-to-care for potted plants. You can also go for a mix of plants in different heights, colors and types for extra variety and flair.
  2. Somewhere to Put Your Drinks – Whether you have an intimate porch with limited space or an expansive patio, you need somewhere to put your drinks, snacks, books, or whatever else you like to enjoy outside. Elevate your outdoor space with a side table, coffee table, or even a stool that can double as extra seating. No matter which you choose, be sure its washable and durable.
  3. A Place to Relax – Relaxing on your porch is the dream. Make it a reality by furnishing your outdoor space with a place to rest your head, be it a hammock, sofa, daybed, or even a squishy, oversized pillow. Don’t forget to finish the piece with some outdoor-safe pillows.
  4. Somewhere to Eat – Dining al fresco is simply the best. Quiet dinners under the stars, fun BBQs with family in the warm sunshine, does it get any better? Make sure you have an outdoor dining area so you can enjoy al fresco meals whenever you want. Whether you add a rustic picnic table, small bistro table, or large dining table, make sure it can withstand the elements and regular use. Don’t forget to invest in acrylic or melamine plates, cups, glasses, and silverware so you can enjoy your outdoor dining space without worry of broken glass. replacement windows to your Orange County CA 300x225
  5. Somewhere Safe from the Elements – The weather won’t always cooperate, so you need a place in our outdoor space that’s safe from the elements. Try adding an umbrella or two for shade from the sun, or a pergolas or retractable awning to protect you from the rain.
  6. Easy Viewing from Inside – Whether you need to watch the kids or make sure your guests have everything they need, it’s always best to have plenty of windows and window treatments that allow you to keep an eye on your outdoor space from inside. Add new replacement windows to give a better view, and complete them with window treatments like window shutters to make it easy to customize that view as needed.

Whether you have a traditional back porch or a patio, deck, or simple paved area outside your back door, you need to make the most out of your outdoor space. Are you ready to make the most of your outdoor space? Cunningham Doors & Windows is here to help. We offer more tips and information on Orange County, CA replacement windows to make your patio or back porch the best it can be.

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