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Rustic Style Homes

Rustic style is all about cozy comfort and warm welcomes with natural fibers, wood, and muted color. It leans into the calmness of nature and charm of simplicity, making it a great choice for any home. Want to try a new décor style for the overall look or replacement windows on your Tustin, CA home? Rustic décor might be just the thing you need.

You won’t find bold colors or busy patterns in rustic decor. Loud accent walls and flashy modern art also don’t fit this design style. Rustic decor is meant to be welcoming and homey, so any stuffy or overly ornate design elements need to go. There’s a place for busy, maximalist curtains and bright accent furniture, but it isn’t in your rustic home. Perhaps the most important piece of a rustic-style home is the window coverings. What can of window treatments can you use on your replacement windows for a rustic look?

  1. Shutters – Shutters, especially wood shutters, are perfect for a rustic-style home as they evoke a timeless craftsman air with comforting appeal. Shutters come in a wide variety of finishes, stains, and colors, or you can custom color-match them to your window trim or other wood accents in the room. Even better, shutters naturally insulate your windows and therefore help lower your energy spending.
  2. Wood Blinds – Wood blinds are excellent for rustic style as they’re made of wood and therefore have that warm, natural appeal. However, they can also be stained or painted almost any color if you ever want to update your décor. You can also look into motorized blinds to help control the amount of natural light you get in a space. There are many modern motorized blind styles that are minimalist enough to match rustic décor.
  3. Bamboo or Woven Shades – These window treatments are both eco-friendly and perfect for rustic decor. Made from bamboo, grasses, reeds, and Jutes, they help create a natural yet elegant air in any space. Plus, bamboo works well with earth tones in wooden furniture and woven rugs, making it an ideal material for a rustic look.

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Before starting on a new décor project, build a mood board. Mood boards allow you to gather inspiration in different forms to lead your design scheme. Collect pieces of fabric, pictures of materials, or photographs of existing spaces to inspire your rustic look. Try gathering colors like browns, beiges, grays, and tans in warm hues as well as aesthetics like exposed beams, handmade items, and functional furniture. Then, when you go to make design choices, you can refer back to your mood board for guidance. You have lots of options when it comes to rustic window treatments and décor. To decide, consider light control, insulation, and cost. You can also turn to the guidance laid out on your mood board, as visualizing the different window treatments in your own space can be extremely helpful.

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