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Protect Your Carpets from Fading

Carpets are great. They’re soft, comfortable, and stylish. However, they can be a pain to take care of, especially when it comes to fading. The sun’s UV rays can cause the colors and patterns on your carpets to fade, but how can you stop it? Use these tips, including installing replacement windows on your Orange County, CA home, to protect your carpets from fading.

  1. Replacement Windows – The most straightforward way to stop your carpets from fading is to limit the number of UV rays they’re exposed to. An easy way to do that is to install replacement windows. Many modern kinds of windows have glass that’s specially treated to reduce UV ray leakage so you can just install your new windows and forget about the sun fading your carpets.
  2. Area Rugs – Carpets can be expensive to replace. Area rugs are can be much cheaper, making them a good way to protect carpets from UV rays. Place an area rug over a well-lit or high-traffic area of your carpet to keep it safe from fading. You can rotate the rug every few months to even out how much it fades and wears in the sunlight or rotate out a few different rugs to keep them fresh. You can also replace the rug once it starts to get worn or faded.
  3. Shutters – Shutters are also ideal for reducing UV ray damage as they are flexible in the amount of light they let in, while still offering full protection for your carpets at the sunniest times of the day. You can leave them open when there’s indirect sunlight or close them all the way to completely block out light. You can also tilt shutters to redirect the light from the sun away from your carpets so you can still have natural light without having to worry about fading.
  4. Clean the Carpets – Keeping your carpets clean can also help minimize fading so they can stay bright and colorful. The products you use on a daily basis, from body lotion, sunscreen, and soap to cleaning sprays and wipes, can build up on your carpets and cause them to fade. Not to mention the dirt, mud, and grime that can get tracked inside on shoes! Cleaning your carpets can help reduce this buildup and protect their color to stop fading. Regularly vacuum your carpets and professionally clean them annually to keep them looking fresh and bright.
  5. Shades – Some shades, like Roman shades, roller shades, or honeycomb shades, can have added UV-blocking liners to better protect your carpets from fading in the sun. These UV-blocking shades do need to be closed completely in order to be able to block the UV light. But, pay attention to how the sunlight comes through your windows at different times of the day and even in different seasons.

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If you’re looking for the right kinds of replacement windows to help protect your carpets, Cunningham Doors & Windows can help. We offer a wide range of Orange County, CA replacement window services, so call today.

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