What You Need to Know about Energy Efficient Replacement Windows in Santa Ana, CA

Are you investing in replacement windows because you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home? There are many benefits to choosing energy efficient products. But, you need to understand the way these features will impact the quality of your Santa Ana, CA property. Before you jump into a decision, the best thing that you can do is talk to our expert team about the products and features that are available.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

If you are going to spend money on replacement windows, then it makes sense that you should maximize your investment. Energy efficient windows will offer many benefits to your family:

  • Improved Comfort
  • Upgraded Aesthetics and Curb Appeal
  • Reduced Energy Usage
  • Higher Property Value
  • Decreased Utility Costs

These benefits will be enjoyed by your family immediately after we are done with the installation. We are always focused on customer satisfaction, to ensure that you are happy with the products that you receive.

Features to Improve Window Efficiency

How do replacement windows impact the efficiency of your home? It is important to understand that efficiency problems usually occur when the thermal transfer happens around the windows. Poorly insulated glass or low-quality frames make it hard to block the drafty air that impacts indoor climate. When the drafts come through your windows, your air conditioner will need to turn on frequently to keep the room cool. As a result, your energy usage goes up.

Here at Cunningham Doors & Windows, we can use three methods to upgrade the efficiency of your windows. You can choose one, two or all three features, depending on your goals for your home. These are the options for your consideration:

  • Multiple Panes of Glass: If several panes of glass are used, then you can buffer the thermal transfer through the glass. This feature reduces the loss of cool air through the windows. Double-pane windows use two panes of glass that sandwich a layer of air in between. Consider upgrading to add a third layer of glass with an additional layer of air.
  • Gas Filled Windows: When you select multiple panes of glass, it makes sense to fill the air spaces with special types of gas. For example, argon gas can be placed in the space to improve the efficiency of the windows.
  • Low E Coating: Adding a Low-E coating creates a reflective layer that prevents UV rays from coming into your home. Even if the sun is shining on the window directly, the Low-E coating reduces the risk of UV exposure. Not only will this feature decrease the heat that comes inside, but it also helps to prevent against furniture and carpet fading.

When you are ready to install energy efficient replacement windows in Santa Ana, CA, you are invited to talk to us at Cunningham Doors & Windows. We are one of the leading providers of windows in Santa Ana, CA and the surrounding areas. Come to our location: 1940 E Edinger Ave Santa Ana, CA 92705. Call for an in-home consultation: (714) 258-2500

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