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Make Your Laundry Room Great

What if you could make your laundry room somewhere you want to spend time? You just might want to do you laundry more often if you make your laundry room beautiful and functional. These tips, like choosing fun wallpaper and adding new treatments to the replacement windows on your Costa Mesa, CA laundry room will help make you want to do your laundry.

  • Use Wallpaper – Wallpaper is great for bringing life and brightness into a small room, like a laundry room. Try installing wallpaper from the floor to the ceiling on one wall to make an accent wall or do a strip of wallpaper along the entire room.
  • Paint the Ceiling – Since laundry rooms are so small, they often don’t have space for fun design moments. So, use the ceiling! Paint the ceiling a fun color that makes you happy.
  • Hang Artwork – If you don’t want to commit to a bright wall color or wallpaper, add interest with artwork. Paintings, prints, photographs, or even written signs from your local home goods store will all add color.
  • Mix Up the Cabinets – Try alternating between closed and open shelf or glass door cabinets in your laundry room. This helps keep the small space feel lighter and airy while also adding interest.
  • Make the Most of the Space – Most people aren’t blessed with massive laundry rooms. So, you need to make the most of the space. Take a look at the layout and see if there’s a way you can maximize storage and counterspace by moving the machines, sink or cabinets.
  • Focus on Windows – Any natural light will make a huge difference in a small laundry room. Help draw the focus to your replacement windows by installing chic and functional window treatments like shades, drapes, or shutters.replacement windows on your Costa Mesa CA 2 300x169
  • Be Careful with Materials – Your laundry room is first and foremost a functional space. Therefore, you need to make sure that the materials you choose are functional as well as stylish. Will the floor be easy to clean? Can you quickly wipe off the countertops?
  • Add Shelves – If you don’t have room for shelving on the surrounding walls, add shelves right on top of your front-load washer and dryer. These shelves will not only add storage but will also help cover up the ugly washer and dryer.
  • Display Cleaning Supplies – As incentive to keep your cleaning and laundry supplies organized, use them as décor. Store detergent and fabric softener in class or ceramic containers with fun labels for added personality.

Most of all, make your laundry room a place you want to be in by having fun with the design. Let your personality shine in the colors, layout, window treatments, storage solutions, and every other aspect of the room.

It’s easy to forget about decorating your laundry room. After all, you don’t want to spend more time in your laundry room than you need to! But with these tips, your laundry room will be great.

Do you want more design tips or information on Costa Mesa, CA replacement windows? Cunningham Doors & Windows is here to help. Stop by and visit us or give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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