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replacement windows in Costa Mesa, CA

How to Winterize Your Home

From cold temperatures to extreme dryness or humidity, the harsh winter can leave your windows, siding, roofing and more in much deep of repair in come spring. The winters in Costa Mesa, CA might not be that bad, but they can still do some serious damage to your home. Rather than spending the time and money once the weather warms, just use these tips to prepare your home for winter, like installing replacement windows in Costa Mesa, CA.

  1. Upgrade Siding – Your home’s exterior takes a beating all year round, but especially in the winter. Before the temperatures go down, consider investing in new siding that will help keep your home safe and you and your family warm. New siding models offer advanced energy efficiency and durability even in the face of the toughest weather conditions.
  2. Install Replacement Windows – The best long-term fix for drafts and air leaks is to invest in new replacement windows. New window models offer advanced energy efficiency and insulation to keep you warm and comfortable during the winter and plenty of chic styles to make your home look its best. Consider replacing your windows with double or triple pane windows to make sure that you have the highest possible energy efficiency and the lowest possible energy usage. This will save you money on energy usage in the long run.replacement windows in Costa Mesa CA 300x224
  3. Invest in a Generator – Winter storms are dangerous for many reasons, including power outages that could leave you without heat. Keep your home safe from that danger by investing in and installing a generator. Generators are especially important if you live with an elderly person or someone that is particularly vulnerable. Don’t leave things up to chance and invest in a generator now before the winter sets in.
  4. Protect the Pipes – A burst pipe can do some serious damage to your home, and your pipes could very well burst if you don’t take some time to protect them before the winter starts. Wrap all your pipes in insulation to help keep them safe from the cold weather and consider opening cabinet and closet doors to circulate warm air on the pipes as well. After all, you do not want to wake up one morning to a burst pipe and flooded house.
  5. Seal Air Leaks and Cracks – Did you know that almost one third of heating and cooling costs comes from drafty windows and doors? It’s true! Stop wasting money by letting your conditioned air escape outside and instead keep the cold winter air out by sealing up cracks and leaks. You can use caulk or weather-stripping as a temporary fix for drafts, but replacement windows are the best long-term fix for these issues.


These are just a few of the ways you can get your home ready for winter. Cunningham Doors & Windows is here to help if you want more tips, ideas, tricks or Costa Mesa, CA replacement window information. Stop by and visit us today or give us a call to learn more about what we can do for you and your home.