How to Get your Home Ready for Replacement Windows and Doors

You’re on the home stretch. After educating yourself about the current options and benefits, deciding on a style, color, and quality, and purchasing your new replacement windows and doors in Tustin, CA, you are finally ready for install day. As the homeowner, there are several things you can do to make the installation job go more smoothly. Doing these four things will help the install team to complete the job as efficiently and easy as possible.

  1. Make sure you are available to let the team into your home

We get it. Your life is busy with responsibilities and things that need to be done away from home. Upgrading your windows is not likely a regular part of your daily routine, so be sure to set a reminder for yourself which day your installers are coming. It’s easier to forget than you think!

  1. Clear away any items from the windows that are being replaced 

Giving the team a wide berth to freely access the work area is a real time saver, so make sure the install crew has plenty of room to work. Move everything aside, such as furniture, blinds, décor, security devices, and even holiday lights. It may seem like a small inconsequential thing to do, but when a thoughtful homeowner does this, it really saves time and effort. Not to mention, these are your belongings! Do you really want someone else handling that keepsake crystal windchime your grandmother gave you?

  1. Think about pet safety 

The well being of your pets is important to us. Help us keep them safe and minimize your stress and anxiety by keeping them out of harm’s way. This effort also protects the health and safety of our install team, since it demands a high level of attention and physical strength to carry in your new windows and doors without causing damage to the product or your home. You can imagine the potential for injury that can occur when a cute and curious pet gets underfoot. 

  1. Things may get dusty, even a little dirty.

The installers will be sanding and scraping, using power tools, and stirring up dust. If you have sensitive equipment or electronics in the house that needs to be protected from such conditions, it may be a good idea to remove them or cover them with protective cloth or plastic overlay. The install team will certainly do their best to minimize the mess, but work like this is liable to get dusty. That’s why it’s a good idea to take measures to protect your belongings from damage that could occur.

Once the job is done, and the installers have gone, no doubt you’ll be thrilled with your new

replacement windows and doors in Tustin, CA. If you are still looking into your options and installation day is not yet upon you, feel free to talk with our experts here at Cunningham Doors & Windows to discuss your upgrade options. Our showroom is located at 1940 E Edinger Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705. You can also reach us at (714) 258-2500

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