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Having Fun With Your Windows

Replacement windows and doors in Costa Mesa, CA are crucial to your home’s look, curb appeal and function. However, just because they’re functional doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them. From basic double-hung and casement windows to innovative designs, interesting shapes and eye-catching colors, can make or break your home’s value and aesthetics.   

There are an almost unlimited number of ways to get creative and have fun with your windows. Use the following ideas to inspire you to make your windows the best they can be.   

  1. Entryway Windows – Your home’s entryway is the first thing your guests see and therefore deserves attention and personality. Use sidelights or transoms to upgrade your entryway with fun replacement windows and doors.  Skylights – Transoms, skylights and high windows bring the beauty of the outdoors inside your home without sacrificing privacy or comfort, and they add tons of style and curb appeal.  Replacement windows can easily be customized to fit into skylights or transoms.  
  2. Bay Windows – Bay windows are a traditional way to add a taste of romance and classic value to your home. They bring in natural light, and provide a cozy place to sit and read or store extra items if you add a bench.  
  3. Dormer Windows – Dormer windows balance your home’s exterior design by detracting from short areas and making the structure seem taller. Add a dormer window to break up roofing or add interest.  
  4. Clerestory Windows – Define your roof, brighten a space, or highlight special architectural details with clerestory windows. Add one to your kitchen for more natural light without loosing storage space or ceiling height.  
  5. Floor to Ceiling – Maximize your light and space and still protect your home from the elements with energy efficient replacement windows arranged from the floor to the ceiling.  
  6. Modern Windows – Modern and contemporary windows boast clean lines, simple shapes and idyllic simplicity that can complement your home. Choose tempered glass to get the look without sacrificing on your energy bill or making your air conditioner work overtime. You can even add modern windows inside your home in separating walls for even more modern appeal.  

Just because it’s not on the above list doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Feel free to experiment with unusual window shapes to set of your home’s unique shape and look, or have fun with colors to show off your personality. Its easy to fine replacement windows in tons of unique shapes like squares, circles, keyholes, arches and more, or exciting colors from red and yellow to blue, white, black or even purple.   

Cunningham Doors & Windows has an expansive selection of Costa Mesa, CA replacement windows and doors, and we can easily help you make your new windows fun, creative and unique. Go with any of the above ideas, or pay a visit to our showroom located at 1940 E Edinger Ave Santa Ana, CA 92705 for more inspiration. Have more replacement window and door questions? Give us a call at (714) 258-2500 today.  

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