Why is it Hard to Open and Close the Windows in Your Yorba Linda, CA Home?

Can you open the doors and windows easily? Or, do you find it difficult to move them when you want to bring in a fresh breeze? If you have old windows and doors in your Yorba Linda, CA home, then it is likely that you are dealing with functional issues with the materials. Encountering these limitations and problems in your home can be frustrating.

Function of the Windows and Doors

When you have new windows and doors, these products glide open and closed without a lot of effort. This function is important to make it easy to manage the light and temperature in your home. At the same time, the function is essential in an emergency situation. If you need to exit the room in an emergency, then you need to have the ability to open the door or window quickly.

Unfortunately, the function of these products degrades over time. As the materials get old, you will notice the impact of wear and tear. The heat of the sun and the changing weather patterns outside can take a toll and lead to long-term issues. The only way to improve the function is to invest in replacement windows and doors.

Why Windows Get Stuck

Why are the windows and doors hard to open? Several factors can influence the function of the materials. One common issue is the buildup of grime and dirt over the years. Small bits of debris and dust can cake onto the track, increasing the friction when you try to open the window. Sometimes, this issue can be fixed with a thorough cleaning to remove the buildup. Make sure that you use a solvent-free, non-silicone lubricant product to avoid damage to the window frames. The product can be applied, and then the window can be opened and closed several times to work in the lubricant.

Warping is another issue that can cause problems with the function of the windows. The heat can make the frames warp. As a result, it is a tighter fit when you try to open the windows. In other situations, the problems might be caused by frames that are painted shut or springs that are too tight.

Professional Consultation

Just because the windows and doors are hard to open, doesn’t mean that you need to spend the money on replacement products. Instead, start with a consultation to see if repairs can be done to improve these areas of your home.

Our team will inspect the windows and identify the cause of the problems. Then, we will help you choose the solutions that will improve the overall quality of your doors and windows. In some situations, repairs might be sufficient. Other times, replacement windows and doors might be needed.

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