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replacement windows on your Orange County, CA

Get Your Home Ready for Vacation with Replacement Windows

As you prepare to head out of town on a trip or a vacation, you need to make sure your home is ready, too. Keep your house sealed and safe while you’re out of town on vacation by following these tips, like hiring a house or pet sitter or installing safe and efficient replacement windows on your Orange County, CA home:

  • Lock Your Windows – Deter theft by making sure all your windows and doors are locked. You can even take it a step further and invest in brand new replacement windows with new, sturdy locks and hardy frames to make sure your home is extra safe.
  • Hold Your Mail – Ask your local post office to hold your mail while you’re away. This way, your mailbox and front porch won’t be full of tempting packages and mail for people with bad intentions to see or steal.
  • Clean Before You Leave – Not only is it great to come home to a nice, clean home, but the more you clean before you leave the less likely it is that you’ll come home to odors, pests, or other nasty surprises. Clear the fridge of leftovers and other perishables, run the garbage disposal with some ice cubes and lemon rinds, and wipe down all your kitchen countertops to clear away bits of food. Make sure you don’t leave any wet towels, clothes or sheets in the washing machine or laundry basket, either.
  • Hire a House Sitter – Hire someone or ask a friend or neighbor to stop by your house while you’re gone. They can water your plants, bring in packages, and turn the lights on and off.
  • Leave a Light On – A dark house is a dead giveaway that no one is home. If you can, set a light on a timer to turn on when it gets dark out. If you don’t have a timer, just leave one or two lights on in the house.
  • Put Your Car in the Garage (and Close the Door!) – This will help deter theft and will help keep your car safe in case of inclement weather. Plus, your car will stay clean.
  • Unplug What You Can – Unplug appliances like TVs, computers, toasters, and coffee makers to save you on power usage and to keep them safe in the event of a power surge.
  • Set Your Thermostat – Make sure your home is set to a reasonable temperature, like 80 degrees in the summer or 50 degrees in the winter. This week keep your home safe and comfortable and will also help you from wasting energy while you’re away.
  • Take Out the Trash – Nothing gets smellier than trash left inside while you’re on vacation. Don’t forget to take out the recycling, too.

replacement windows on your Orange County CA

Cunningham Doors & Windows is here to help if you want more home ideas or information on Orange County, CA replacement windows.  Call or visit us today to learn more about what we can do for you and your home. After all, it’s easy to have an enjoyable, worry-free vacation if you follow these tips and prep your home.