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Full Height Window Shutters for Your Replacement Windows

If you are looking to get shutters for the new replacement windows on your Irvine, CA home you need to spend time considering what kind of style you want as your shutter style will have a big impact on the overall feel and style of your home and your replacement windows. There are many different kinds of shutter styles, from plantation and cottage to narrow panel, café, and many more.

One of the most popular styles of window shutters is full height. Full height window shutters, as the name implies, cover the full height of your window opening as opposed to café or half shutters that only cover part of the window opening. Are full height window shutters the right style for you and your replacement windows? In order to figure that out, read this list of full height shutter pros and cons to get you started. After all, choosing full height window shutters depends on whether the full height functionality works with your personal intended use and your personal style.

There are many pros to installing this full height window shutters in your home. For starters, these shutters offer the most possible light blockage and privacy as they cover your window’s full area. Full height window shutters are also very easy to install as they don’t involve the more detailed installation steps of tier-on-tier shutters. These shutters have more slats and less mid rail which gives you more natural light coming into space and are ideal for placing on doors if you so choose.

Also, when you have the slats and panels closed on full height shutters you also get better insulation to keep your home at a desirable temperature without spending too much on your electricity. You can easily add a mid-rail to full height shutters to get full control over the upper and lower slats independently of one another. With this addition, you can keep the upper slats open for extra light and ventilation into space but have the lower slats closed for privacy.

However, these pros don’t mean that full height shutters are perfect. For example, they might not be ideal for use in small or dark rooms as they completely cover the window. Small or dark bathrooms would be better suited for a café style shutter to allow maximum natural light while maintaining privacy. Additionally, tier-on-tier shutters or café style shutters give you more ability to customize light filtration as you can open and close both the bottom and top panels independently of one another while full height shutters can only be fully opened or fully closed.

All that matters is that you choose the right shutter style for you and your replacement windows, whether that’s full height or not.

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