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Feeling SAD? Replacement Windows Help!

According to Psychology Today, about 20% of people experience some kind of Seasonal Affective Disorder during the winter months. Whether or not you have full-blown SAD or are just feeling a bit down during this dreary time, you can pick yourself up again with a few home renovations, like adding new colors or replacement windows to your Tustin, CA home.

Feeling down because it’s the gloomy wintertime? Don’t let those wintertime blues get you down. Use these tips to make your home bright and happy.

For example, you can let in more natural light with new replacement windows. Sunlight can improve sleep and mood, lower blood pressure, and even increase vitamin D levels for stronger bones and overall health. Bringing more natural light into your home is a wonderful way to fight back winter blues and feel better in general. Try trimming away branches, shrubs, or other growth to let more sunlight in through your windows. Worried about too much light all the time? Invest in some window shutters that can help you customize the light at different times of day.

You can also add some bright colors and greenery. Wintertime is one of the best times of year for adding some new color and life to your home. Look online or in magazines for color inspiration, but don’t forget to consider trends and what will look good in five years. If you don’t want to commit to a new color in an entire room, try making statement walls with pops to color to boost your mood and add some fresh style. Natural and artificial greenery is wonderful for boosting your mood. Add some new house plants to your collection or start an indoor garden with easy-to-care-for plants or a hydroponic system. You can try plants just for decoration and color or experiment with herbs for cooking.

What about rearranging your furniture? Whether or not you can invest in full-blown renovations, try moving around your furniture to maximize the amount of natural light you get in a day. Place a comfy chair beside a sun-filled window so you can bask in the sun for a few minutes each day. Rearrange your bedroom so the sunshine wakes you up in the morning. Or get a lightbox to provide artificial illumination that mimics natural sunlight.

replacement windows to your Tustin CA

Try turning up the heat. Cold, drafty air doesn’t feel good. Make sure your home is warm, comfortable, and conducive to a good mood by taking care of drafty windows, doors, and other chilly areas. Insulate your pipes and ductwork, seal air leaks, and add a draft guard to doors. When not using your fireplace, be sure to keep the damper closed. Replace old, draft windows with new windows, and consider adding insulating window treatments like window shutters. These are just a few helpful ideas to bring sunshine and happiness to your home. Do you want more home improvement tips or information on Tustin, CA replacement windows? Call or visit us today!

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