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Energy Audits and Replacement Windows

You love the replacement windows on your Tustin, CA home. But are they efficient? That’s where professional energy audits come in.

Your windows and window treatments might be drafty, leaky, and inefficient, which can cause you to lose lots of money on heating and cooling. Professional energy audits can help you save between 5% and 30% of your annual energy usage. Professional energy audits can be anything from a visual inspection of a heating system to a thorough diagnostic test with infrared cameras and thermal imaging.

They go a long way towards not only discovering energy problems around the home but also towards offering solutions for those problems. Most audits begin with a general inspection of the home exterior to make sure it has enough protection. The auditor will usually look for gaps in the walls, windows, doors, or eaves.

Next, the auditor will inspect the insulation in the roof, walls, and house frame to make sure that there are no gaps and that the insulation is in working order. Next comes a thorough inspection of the heating and cooling system, including the hot water heater and any ductwork. Following the visual inspection, most auditors will perform a blower door test. Making sure that all doors and windows are closed, the auditor depressurizes the home and then uses infrared cameras to see if any outside air is leaking into the home. The most common spots include around doors, through light fixtures, and around windows.

When the inspection is done, the auditor will give you a total home energy score that rates your house’s overall efficiency based on size, age, and the types of systems. Most will also provide suggestions on how you can improve your home’s energy efficiency, like new replacement windows, window treatments, or energy-saving appliances. The ideal time to get a professional energy audit is before you buy a home. That way, you can know exactly what you’re getting into before you make a purchase. But it’s also important to monitor your home’s energy efficiency throughout your time of ownership.

It’s generally recommended to get a professional audit during a period of high energy use, like in the summer when the AC is running a lot or in the winter when the heat is always on.

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The right replacement windows and window treatments will go a long way towards increasing your home’s energy efficiency, even if you don’t get a professional energy audit first. Most modern windows and treatments come with a range of features specifically intended to boost efficiency. Plus, they’re incredibly stylish and convenient.

Cunningham Doors & Windows is here to help if you want more tips on energy efficiency or home improvement. We offer expert Tustin, CA replacement window services that will surely make your home more efficient, functional, and stylish. Call or visit us today to learn more. After all, getting a professional energy audit for your home is an absolute must, whether you are buying a new one or are looking to improve your long-term home.

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