Costa Mesa, CA Homeowners: Are Your Windows and Doors Leaking Air?

Have you noticed drafty air moving through your Costa Mesa, CA home? Sometimes it is nice to open the windows and doors to bring in a breeze. But, you shouldn’t feel the air coming inside if all of the doors and windows are closed. Drafty air coming into your home could be an indication of old materials that need to be replaced.

Here are a few things that you can do to see if you have drafty doors and windows:

Temperature Changes and Climate Control

When it is hot outside, and the air conditioner is running, walk through each room to see if you notice a change in temperature. Stand in the doorway, then walk across the room towards the window. Pay close attention to the temperature on all sides of the room.

Do you feel that the room gets warmer as you approach the window? Then it is an indication that the heat is coming in through the windows. This drafty air will make it harder to control the climate in your home. Even though the air conditioner is turned on, you need to adjust the thermostat to overcome the warm air coming inside.

Visible Light Through the Cracks

Another way to check for potential leaks in the doors and windows is by looking for cracks or gaps around the frames. Can you see the light peeking through in an area where it should be sealed? This light is an indication that you might need to invest in replacement windows and doors.

A sunny day is the best time to do this test. If possible, wait until the sun is shining on that side of the house. Then, make the room as dark as possible by turning off the lights inside. Inspect the window frames to see if you can identify any light that is coming in through the cracks.

The Flame Test

The next test for drafty air uses a candle. If you are holding a candle still, the flame will flicker a little bit. But, if a gentle breeze is moving through the room, then the flickering will intensify. Test the candle by blowing gently on the flame; soft enough so that the flame doesn’t extinguish.

Now, move the candle near the doors and windows. Hold the candle up in different areas around the frames to see if the candle flickers. Can you tell that the flickering increases when the flame is near gaps in the window frames? Then it is a sign that you should invest in replacement windows and doors.

Call the Experts

The best thing that you can do is call the experts in the replacement window and door industry: Cunningham Doors & Windows. We will schedule a complimentary in-home inspection to assess the quality of your doors and windows in Costa, Mesa, CA. If new products are needed, then we can make recommendations about the best solutions for your family.

Come to our showroom near Costa Mesa, CA to learn more: 1940 E Edinger Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705. Or, call if you have questions about the services that we offer: (714) 258-2500

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