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Busting Shutter Myths

What do you know about shutters for your replacement windows in Orange County, CA? You’ve probably heard that they’re beautiful, long-lasting treatments for your windows that can offer both monetary and aesthetic value.  

But you’ve probably also heard some things about window shutters that aren’t true. Here are some of the most common window shutter myths and their truths:  

1. Shutters are the Same as Blinds

Blinds are window coverings with small blades that are controlled and connected by strings. While many homeowners choose blinds for their windows, they do offer several challenges. For example, they can be too thin, obstruct views, gather dust easily, and be difficult to operate, especially on wider or larger windows. Shutters, on the other hand, are not blinds. They’re made from slats that operate in hinges or tilt rods, which helps them solve all the common blind challenges.  

2. Shutters are Expensive

Shutters aren’t cheap, but they are oftentimes a lot more affordable than other window treatment types. Plus, their initial investment will usually pay off in home value increases and energy spending decreases.  

3. Shutters are Hard to Install

Shutters are actually quite simple to install! While it’s very possible to install them yourself, you can also hire a shutter expert or a general handyman to help make sure the job’s done right.  

4. Shutters Only Look Good with Some Décor Styles

Though they were originally used on Southern or more traditional homes, shutters can now be easily adapted to look great on almost any home. They come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes as well as different slat sizes, making it simple to customize or choose the shutters that fit your needs and design preferences. 

5. Shutters Make Your Room Dark

Shutters are great at darkening a room when the slats are closed, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get tons of natural light when the slats and shutters are open. You can rotate the slats to get light and maintain some privacy, or you can swing the entire shutter open for all the possible natural light. The amount of space a shutter frame takes up is so small that it doesn’t have any effect on the amount of natural light coming in when the shutter is fully open.  

6. Shutters Don’t Work on Wide Windows

Shutters work well on windows of all shapes and sizes. From extra-wide rectangular windows to round windows and every shape in between. You can generally find pre-made shutters to fit most windows, or you can custom-order shutters that are specifically made to suit your exact windows.  replacement windows Orange County CA 300x222

7. Shutters are Hard to Clean

Shutters are actually one of the easiest window treatments to clean. Since they’re smooth and solid, all you have to do is wipe them down occasionally with a duster or microfiber cloth. Also, the slats make it easy for you to adjust and get into the smaller, hard-to-reach places.  

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