4 Steps to Be Ready for Replacement Doors and Windows in Your Laguna Hills, CA Home

Are you finally ready to upgrade your Laguna Hills, CA home to create a better living environment for your family? Replacing the doors and windows should be on your list of priorities. These new products will have a positive impact on curb appeal and function. But, you need to take time to understand the industry and choose products that will be right for your family.

Here at Cunningham Doors & Windows, we offer top-notch window and door installation services in Laguna Hills, CA and an unbeatable customer service. We know that replacing the windows isn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision. If you have been saving and preparing for these renovations, then we suggest that you consider these steps to be ready for installation:

Step #1: Schedule Time at Home

Even though you won’t be doing the heavy lifting, it is important that you are home when the installation crew arrives. You need to provide access to the property, ensuring that our team can move through your home to replace the doors and windows. Clear your calendar for the installation day, or coordinate with us in advance to ensure that the installation isn’t hindered because of the schedule.

Step #2: Move Window Coverings and Curtains

If you have curtains or other types of window coverings, then it is important to move these items before the installation team arrives. The fabric can get in the way of the work, making it hard to install the windows without damaging the curtains. The best solution is to take the curtains down, providing full access to the window area.

Step #3: Let the Pros Do the Work

Have the peace of mind to know that our team is experienced in all types of installation. So, there is no reason that you need to be involved in the work on installation day. We will handle everything that needs to be done, leaving your home as good as new after we are finished. We start by removing the old windows, placing the new materials, and then cleaning up the mess before we leave your home.

Step #4: Open the Path

Do you have furniture or other items in the room that might block access to the windows? Move the furniture to the opposite side of the room so that we can work without navigating around the windows. The rooms need to be easily accessible. A clear path will enable workers to remove the old equipment and bring the new materials into the room.

Talk to the Window and Door Experts

Here at Cunningham Doors & Windows, we are working hard to provide the best services for our customers in Laguna Hills, CA and the nearby cities. We invite you to learn more about replacement windows and doors by talking to our team. We will schedule a free consultation in your home. You are welcome to visit our showroom at 1940 E Edinger Ave Santa Ana, CA 92705. Or, call if you have questions about your upcoming installation: (714) 258-2500

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