4 Signs that it is Time to Replace Windows and Doors in Laguna Hills, CA

How do you know when your doors and windows need to be replaced? Many homeowners in Laguna Hills, CA don’t think about the quality of their windows until something goes wrong. But you shouldn’t wait until there is a problem before you consider investing in replacements! Instead, it is best to be proactive with the care of your home.

A simple inspection can help you identify the signs that you need to replace the doors or windows. These are some of the signs that will alert you that it is time to invest in new products:

  1. Cracked or Broken Glass

Inspect all of the windows and see if there are any visible cracks or breaks. Some homeowners assume that the glass is fine if the window didn’t shatter. But a few small cracks can have a negative impact on the comfort and quality of your home.

These cracks can let in moisture, impact the energy efficiency of your property, and be a safety hazard to your family. Windows that are cracked or damaged in any way should be replaced immediately.

  1. Poor Energy Efficiency

One of the best ways to identify the energy efficiency of your home is by looking at your utility bills. How much are you spending each month for energy usage? If your bills are going up and you are tired of paying these expensive costs, you need to make a few upgrades.

High-quality doors and windows should be the priority when you want to improve energy efficiency. These materials will seal each room and reduce thermal transfer. As a result, you can keep the cool air in when the air conditioner is running.

  1. Outdated Style

Does your home look old and outdated? Just because you own an old home doesn’t mean that it needs to look rundown. A few small upgrades can modernize your property and improve the style of your home. Get rid of the old windows and doors and you will notice an immediate difference to the appearance of your home. These changes are essential if you want to maintain the style and value of your property.

  1. Difficult to Use

Old windows can be hard to open when the frames start to warp over time. If you avoid opening the windows because they are difficult to move, then it is a good sign that you need to invest in replacement windows. There are many features and functions available in the modern designs that can improve your lifestyle.

If you identify any of these signs in your home, contact a window expert to schedule a consultation. Our team at Cunningham Doors & Windows is here to help! We are one of the leading providers of replacement windows and doors in Laguna Hills and the surrounding areas. Come to our showroom at 1940 E Edinger Ave Santa Ana, CA 92705. Or call to schedule your in-home consultation: (714) 258-2500.

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