How to Choose Between Replacement Windows or Repairs in Irvine, CA

Investing in the right materials for your home can provide the long-term durability that you desire for your family. There are times when small maintenance tasks and repairs can be sufficient to keep your Irvine, CA home in good condition. But, other times you might need to invest in replacement materials. At Cunningham Doors & […]

Why DIY Replacement Windows in Irvine, CA are a Bad Idea

If you are looking at options for home renovations, then it makes sense that you are comparing the costs between do-it-yourself and professional work. Homeowners in Costa Mesa, CA love the idea of saving money on the renovations, so they often spend the time on DIY projects. A little bit of work and a lot […]

Replacement Window and Doors Trends in Laguna Hills, CA

Are you planning to upgrade the doors and windows in your Laguna Hills, CA home? If you are going to spend money on these home renovations, then make sure to research the trends before choosing your products. You will find many styles and designs that are available. But, you don’t want to choose something that […]